IT Manager Institute GRADUATES tell it the best. We have hundreds of positive references, , , 100% who have attended the IT Manager Institute since the first one in 2003. Check out class photos as well.

“This was the most informative class and useful course I’ve ever taken.”
Wes Stover; Indianapolis, IN

“This class has helped me gain confidence in my ability and empowered me to be a manager.”
Connie Bain; Birmingham, AL

“Excellent material.  The Institute program is a must for all CIO and technology managers.”
Okoh Chukwuka; Lagos, Nigeria

“This should be a required course. My company got more than they bargained for.”
Rod Payton; Bethesda, MD

“Mike is one of those people I am really proud I have met!  I would recommend the Institute to everyone involved in managing IT. “
Matej Kurent; Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Best I have been to; this class has answered many of the questions I was struggling with.”
Luke Marino; Austin, TX

“The best organized material I have seen on the subject.  Perfect for CIO taking over new leadership roles.”
Sammy Cantrell; Nashville, TN

“A very useful course. It’s one of the best courses I have ever taken. I wish all IT managers could take it.”
Eisa Al Mansoori; Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Very Excellent program , all IT people should attend.”
Ibrahim Abdulla Ahmed; Sharjah, UAE

“The best Training for New IT Managers.”
Ashraf Atteya Abdou Atteya; Cairo, Egypt

“ITBMC training puts you on the right path through the integration of information, skills and tools to become a successful IT Manager.”
Safwan Sheik Sidi; Saudi Arabia

“Very useful training for IT Professionals who plan to be Managers. Mike provided practical tools and his experience which can lead to Success only. Thank You Mike.”
Emad Atieh Al Satari; UAE

“It was a thorough course full of instructions, rich experience and to the point.”
Saad AlAmri; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“It was one of the best training I ever attended. I will start with the IT Assessment immediately”
Kholoud Al Madani; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“We are expanding, so this course was what I needed. It will make a big change in my career.”
Mohammed Al Shehri; Saudi Arabia

“The Course content was very rich and presented in a simple and smooth way. The templates and course material were very helpful and have a great value.”
Hani Mohammad Abu Dagar; Kuwait

“The tools certainly will help me improve my IT management process and skills.”
Ahmed Hassan Yaqoot; Dubai – UAE