mike sisco standing1My  IT Manager Coaching Program is a 1-year tailored program to work with you 1-on-1 on specific needs and goals you have in developing your IT management capabilities.

My coaching will FAST TRACK IT manager development
— Develop key IT management skills —
— Shorten your learning curve —
— Avoid costly mistakes —
— Build credibility —

When you do it will BOOST your career!

The program includes:

  1. 1-day evaluation meeting – An online meeting with me or visit to my home to allow me to develop an understanding of where you are in your IT management capabilities, your business environment, and identify your goals and objectives. We will create a program outline to develop key skills you need that is specific to your situation.
  2. Monthly update meetings for 1 year – 1-on-1 update meetings to check your status and to allow you direct contact with me for questions and discussion via online conference. I use ZOOM so these meetings can be great opportunities to incorporate additional training or coaching tips you may need to tweak your plan and help you get more value from the program. These meetings help you stay on track and make progress every month in achieving more success.
  3. Premium GOLD MEMBERSHIP for 1 year – This membership gives you access to my entire IT Manager Resources Library, everything we have including:
    1. Free tuition to the IT Manager Institute and ITBMC Program – attend our online, classroom or SELF STUDY training program at no additional cost and earn your ITBMC certification.
    2. Monthly Practical IT Manager Training Series classes – 2 new classes are held each month plus past classes are recorded and archived for your viewing convenience. This is quickly becoming a significant library of excellent IT manager training.
    3. BONUS training planned for GOLD Members only such as Advanced IT Manager Institute training and more
    4. Over 30 hours of recorded training from the 20 Minute IT Manager
    5. Books, Tools & Templates, Executive Reports – my entire library
    6. More – see for details – GOLD Members receive everything on this page
  4. Unlimited access to me for 1 year – You have unlimited access to me for 1 year to ask questions, run things by me, or whatever you need. When it comes to IT management, I’ve probably experienced the issue and dealt with it in my career and should be able to provide value to help you. Most of this part can be handled by email but if we need to have more detailed discussion or if I need to show you something, we can always schedule an online ZOOM meeting as needed. This service is like having a senior mentor in your pocket whenever you need advice, a second opinion, or some coaching development. Use this service as often and as much as you wish, , , no limitation.
  5. Coaching GiftsBONUS Gift Package – Each participant receives a box of goodies to help you and to show our appreciation when you join my coaching program.
    1. IT Manager Institute coin
    2. ACHIEVE MORE shirt
    3. IT Manager Institute flash drive
    4. IT Manager Institute journal
    5. LAMY Safari fountain pen
    6. Professional Development Guide & video

My 1-on-1 Coaching Program is tailored for each individual I work with. Each strategy is unique to the individual manager’s needs, goals and objectives.

This program is not for everyone and due to the time and effort required of me it is available to just a few IT managers each year.

coaching_order_singlepayor pay in 3 monthly installments below

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