IT Manager Institute Self Study Program

IT Manager Institute Self StudyUPDATE – MARCH 2018
Program completely updated with a fresh new look and updated content.

The IT Manager Institute Self Study is one of the most successful online programs designed to help IT managers of the world achieve more success.

The online format makes the proven resources available to any IT manager in a cost effective manner. Work through the program at your own pace and eliminate the cost of travel or time away from your office.

Participants receive the same presentation material we deliver in the classroom version. Pass the ITBMC exam and receive IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC) recognition.

Plus, you also receive BONUS resources valued at over $1,000.00.

The program follows a structured IT Management Process™ and includes all the management tools you need that will give you guidance and confidence in managing any IT organization.

Session 1 – IT Manager Foundation
Learn about the Triple Threat to IT Success™, key traits of a successful IT manager, and about the work behavior dynamics of IT employees that both help and hinder their efforts. This foundation material will help you understand “why” things happen as you learn best practices in how to manage technology resources effectively.

Session 2 – IT Assessment
The key to success is knowing what to do and what you can do. Follow a proven formula to determine the needs and issues of your business client plus your IT organization’s capability and capacity to support the client. Only then can you develop an appropriate IT strategy. We will share an IT assessment process and tools I developed to help me conduct over 40 company acquisition assessments. A case study will make it all very real.

Session 3 – IT Strategy
Don’t wait to be asked, , , develop your IT strategy now and gain senior management’s respect. This step is key in aligning your IT focus with business need and objectives. We even give you tools to help you prioritize your work. Follow the steps in Sessions 2 and 3 and your IT organization is guaranteed to be in sync with your company’s needs.

Session 4 – IT Project Management
Delivering projects successfully is the key to credibility. Use simple techniques and tools to manage projects effectively and you will separate your organization from others. Included are tools and templates that help you manage successful projects as well as project portfolio resources to communicate project status and value derived from your IT efforts.

Session 5 – IT Organization
Build an appropriate team and “right-size” your IT organization to support the business. Start by conducting a skills inventory that defines both the skills you need on your team and what you have. Understanding this allows you to focus on the gaps to start achieving more success quicker and more reliably.

Session 6 – IT Staff Motivation & Development
Learn to motivate your staff like never before and with little or no money. Motivating employees doesn’t require lots of money, but it does require an understanding of what motivates IT employees and knowing how to go about it. You may not realize it but teamwork is not a natural thing nor easy for most IT employees. Learn why and use a few proven techniques to build a world class support team. Motivated employees can do powerful things and they will “walk through fire” for their manager.

Session 7 – IT Processes
Sound processes can make all the difference in your IT organization’s productivity and success. In fact, there are key change management processes that are required to help your team deliver IT support successfully. Use our proven IT support processes to simplify your life and to boost your team’s productivity and success.

Session 8 – IT Policies and Procedures
You may not like policies and procedures, but they can save you and your company lots of pain and reduce risk. Learn to develop simple policies that work for your company plus we will give you dozens of policies and procedures you can modify for your own use.

Session 9 – IT Budgeting
Budgeting must become a skill of every IT manager because the key to the hearts of senior executives is the financial side of the business. A quick accounting primer gives you the basics of what you need to understand about senior management’s perspective and the tools they use to monitor a company’s financial performance. Then you will learn to use simple tools and techniques to streamline your budgeting process and develop budgets you can be highly confident in achieving. Budgeting will be much faster and easier with insider knowledge and tools I’ll give you.

Session 10 – IT Asset Management
Tracking technology resources of your company is an important part of managing your IT support business. Get organized and keep it simple. These straightforward processes and tools will help you manage this part of your business in an effective way.

Session 11 – Technology Cost Saving Strategies
Every company has significant cost saving and productivity improvement opportunities, , , and your IT organization offers real leverage across the company you should take advantage of. Learn where the leverage points are and go after cost savings and productivity improvements that more than pay for your IT Manager Institute class.

Session 12 – IT Measurements
Key measurements can help you better understand your IT support business and improve your support focus. Learn to track and report meaningful data. Simple tools will help you show IT value and the successes you are achieving in such a practical way you will wonder why you haven’t been doing this already.

Session 13 – IT Communication
Communicating effectively is more about knowing what to communicate and how to present it than anything else. It is one of the key skills that can literally boost your career. A major challenge is that most IT managers aren’t strong communicators nor do they see the need to be. Use our simple techniques to improve your communication skills and start developing stronger relationships with your clients.

ITBMC_Example_dakineWhat you will receive
In both the classroom version and the Self Study version you receive the following plus over $1,000 in additional bonus resources:
A. Presentations of the sessions described above
B. Slides presentation notebook
C. Tools Handouts notebook
D. 30-Day Action Plan
E. IT Management Process™ card
G. IT Manager Institute BONUS resources valued over $1,000.00

IT Manager Institute_Class Materials15 E-books
IT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve more
IT Strategy: align your IT vision for business value
What To Look For in a CIO: get more value from your IT investment
IT Project Management: a practical approach
IT Organization: right-size your organization for success
IT Staff Motivation and Development: build a world class team
IT Budgeting: operational and capital budgeting made easy
IT Asset Management: tracking technology assets
IT Due Diligence: merger and acquisition discovery process
IT Assimilation: consolidating redundant technologies
Technology Cost Saving Strategies
Practical IT Policies and Procedures
Mike Sisco’s IT Manager Articles Collection
IT Management Models
21 Secrets Every IT Manager Should MUST Know

IT Manager ToolKit
Over 100 IT management tools and templates you may use “as is” or customize for your specific needs

Dylilah receives ITBMC

Executive Reports
– IT Business Dis-connect Executive Report
– IT Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions
– IT Due Diligence Executive Report

Sample Practical IT Manager Training classes
– 15 Tools Every IT Manager Needs
– Fast Start for a New IT Manager
– Understanding IT Employee Work Behavior



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