IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Program – 3-part program

mike sisco standing1As a CIO and consultant I’ve led the IT due diligence and assimilation efforts in over 40 company acquisitions.

To help me accomplish this effort, I developed a process and tools early on that made it possible to conduct an effective due diligence discovery and implement a smooth transition in managing a company’s technology resources.

My process and tools are equally effective for company acquisition projects or general IT assessment needs.

Attend our IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Program and prepare yourself to take on an IT assessment effectively and productively.

This program provides the most comprehensive resources, tools and insight on IT due diligence and assimilation in the industry.

$ 750.00

NOTE: The three classes in this product are recorded from a past “live program”. When you register, you will receive an email message with private access to the web portal to access the training plus links to download the BONUS Materials.

The key to an effective IT assessment is knowing what to look for and having a process and tools that help you make it all happen.

The entire process and tools developed by Mike Sisco have been “battle tested” and used in over forty company acquisitions plus many general IT assessments. This is not theory. It is a proven system that Mike still uses to conduct an IT Due Diligence and IT assessments in his consulting company.

The class structure walks you through the entire process from start to finish, just as if you were actually conducting an IT due diligence and preparing to assimilate the technology of a new company. During each key stage, you will learn “insider secrets” gained from years of experience on what to do to reduce risk and to focus the IT organization on key issues to gain the most opportunity in a company.

Many times, your effectiveness is based upon “how you go about the work” as much as what you do. Mike includes many insights that will help every participant better understand that the “approach” and how you conduct yourself makes a very big difference.

The program includes:
A.  3-part training program
—- 1) IT Due Diligence
—- 2) IT Assimilation
—- 3) Key Considerations in Conducting IT Due Diligence
B.  Modifiable Tools and Templates you may use immediately
C.  Webinar replay link to review after the program
D.  IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Program BONUS DOWNLOAD containing 6 sets of bonus materials. (Sells for $495.00 on our web site, , , a great reference set). The flash drive includes the following:
1) E-Learning classes
IT Due Diligence Overview
A quick, 20-minute overview of IT due diligence and the process I use is the best way to get started. You can use this session to present to others in your company about the importance in conducting a thorough IT due diligence to support a company acquisition.

IT Due Diligence: Objectives, Process, and Deliverables

This one hour flash presentation gives you an excellent perspective about the process of conducting an IT due diligence, how it fits into the overall due diligence effort, and what’s important.

Key Considerations
I learned a lot in conducting an IT due diligence to support over 40 company acquisitions. This presentation gives you 25 specific tips and “gotchas” you need to be aware of and key insights from an acquisition veteran.

2) Process Overview
Mike Sisco’s IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Process
This graphic depicts the entire process of conducting an IT due diligence and planning the transition activities. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This process provides an executive management perspective of what will take place and is an excellent tool to use when discussing the process with others.

3) E-books
IT Due Diligence: merger and acquisition discovery process

The entire process and tools I use to conduct a technology due diligence or assessment are discussed in this straightforward tutorial. My approach is simple:
1.  Define what you need to do to conduct a successful IT due diligence
2.  Instruct you on how to go about it
3.  Provide tools and examples to help you get started quickly.

IT Assimilation: consolidating redundant technologies
It’s just as important to know what to do after the deal is completed. This e-book and tools will help you implement a smooth transition of the technologies and support other departments of your company with their initiatives that have technology implications.

IT Strategy: align your IT vision for business value
Developing a transition plan is a key part of your acquisition and this e-book will help you develop a plan that’s in sync with your business and focused on company needs.

Technology Cost Saving Strategies
In any acquisition, you want to find financial leverage opportunities. This e-book and tools will help you quantify cost savings in the company and positions you to be a hero in helping your company leverage the new company purchase.

IT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve more
Basics are always helpful and this book is referenced by thousands of IT managers around the world.

4) Tools
IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Tools
The actual tools I use when conducting an IT due diligence or technology assessment. There are over 20 tools in all. Each tool includes instruction and examples to help you use them right away. Plus, they are provided in WORD and EXCEL file formats so you can modify them as needed for unique situations.

5) Articles
My Most Challenging Due Diligence
Learn about my experience of conducting due diligence on a company with ten different organizations, all with different technologies and IT organizations scattered across the United States. This project was accomplished successfully because I had already developed a due diligence process and tools that worked. These tools and process were invaluable to me and they will be to you as well.

Our Company was Just Purchased; What Do We Do Now?
This is a question that gets asked quite often when company acquisitions occur. If you are going to conduct due diligence on a company, it helps to understand what is about to go on in the IT staff’s mind when they hear their company has been or is about to be acquired. Key insights from real world situations.

6) BONUS Reports
I’ve written quite a lot about IT due diligence. We have included 4 bonus Cutter Consortium Reports to compliment and add value to this program.
IT Due Diligence Overview
Quick reading helps you hit the high points of this important topic.

IT Due Diligence Executive Report
You don’t want to miss this one. It takes you through my IT Due Diligence Process and more and is an excellent 22-page quick reference tool.

Can IT Due Diligence Make a Difference in M&A’s?
A multi-article journal that has several perspectives and points of interest on the importance of IT due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Assessment of IT
A short article about assessing your IT situation and the importance it has in achieving success in any IT manager role.

$ 750.00

About the Instructor:
Mike Sisco is a former CIO of more than twenty years and has conducted forty-five IT due diligence and assimilation projects. In fact, as the CIO for one company, he was responsible for the IT assessment and transitions of 35 company acquisitions in helping his company grow from $30 million in revenue to over $650 million in just 5½ years.

In this particular company, each department head had the responsibility for getting their portion of due diligence completed, for developing the transition plan for the new company’s department, and for managing the actual transition activities once the acquisition was completed.

Mr. Sisco was very successful in these responsibilities because of the IT due diligence process and tools he developed to help him in these efforts.

You will receive the entire process, resources and tools Mike developed and used himself for many years with complete explanations on how to use them to conduct successful IT due diligence and assimilation transitions.

This process and tools are equally effective for general IT assessments as well as conducting IT due diligence to support a company acquisition.

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