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webinar2_careerDevelop a career plan for yourself or tailor one for each of your employees using my step by step guide and tools. Attend the WEBINAR to learn how and get started right away.
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IT employees want to succeed and grow in their career. Do you know how to provide the guidance they need or are you even at a loss in looking at this for yourself?

Career advancement comes to those who are prepared and positioned to take on more responsibility. Don’t wait for this to happen on it’s own, , , it probably won’t. Be proactive in developing a plan to help you get ahead in your career.

Career planning is much more than deciding you want the senior executive position at the top of a company. You might find that you attain the position only to realize it isn’t nearly as fulfilling for you as you visualized it would be.

You need a thought process to start, , , an internal assessment of sorts to determine what you really want in life before you start charging up the hill. Far too many IT employees start climbing the ladder of success and unfortunately get stuck in careers they don’t like.

I’ve counseled hundreds of IT employees in my career and one of the first questions I ask is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You may think this is inappropriate, strange, or ridiculous, , , but for many they have never really thought about it. IT employees are like college freshmen, , , a few know exactly what they want in their career but most really don’t have any idea.

Managers need to be able to provide their employees guidance and it starts with a process to help them determine what to think about as they look at their career and the future.

This WEBINAR is one of my favorites because I deliver one of the most comprehensive career planning processes and tools for IT people in the industry. I also like it because it’s very simple, straightforward and easy to follow in developing your own personal career plan, , , or to use in directing one of your employees.

People who succeed usually have a plan. Join me in this WEBINAR and I’ll give you step by step instruction on how to start thinking about career and how to position yourself to achieve more success in your career. Once completed, you will be able to build a concise road map for yourself or work with your employees to develop a personalized plan with each of them.

I’ll walk you through the four phases I use to develop a career plan and then prepare and position to take on more responsibility. Included in each phase are tools to help you structure a specific plan for yourself or for an employee to boost your career. The four phases are:
Phase I  —  Time for Self Reflection
Phase II  —  Develop a Career Plan
Phase III  —  Knowledge and Experience is Key
Phase IV —  Build Credibility

Attendees will receive a REPLAY option to review the WEBINAR immediately or you can attend a scheduled event. You will also be able to download the tools we will teach.