IT Manager Institute GRADUATES tell it the best. We have hundreds of positive references, , , 100% who have attended the IT Manager Institute since the first one in 2003. Check out class photos as well.

“The content is a “must know” for IT managers who are hungry to succeed.”
Samuel Alabi; Lagos, Nigeria

“I can start using this immediately. Simple, understandable and effective. Good tools! I wish I had taken this course at the start of my IT management career; it resonated with everything I have learned in 23 years of experience in this business.”
John Bontje; London, Ontario Canada

“The course was exceptional. I recommend it to any current or future IT manager. I’m immensely energized by the content we received. There is now an additional support avenue for me as an IT Manager.”
Greg Horton; Columbia, TN

“Best seminar/learning class I have taken. Handouts are great also.”
Ken Schernekau; Atlanta, GA

“I enjoyed the real life and work examples to back up the material.
Steven Payne; Charlotte, NC

“Mike presented information thoroughly and with great understanding. I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to attend this class; it will help me grow and hone my skills as a leader.”
Kamela Breeding; Atlanta, GA

“Fantastic! Hit all areas of IT and Business; really opened my eyes. This experience has by far gone way above and beyond what I could have ever expected. Priceless!”
Kelly Reed; Spokane, WA

“Thank you. This was an excellent course.”
Joseph Edward; London, Ontario Canada

“Mike is a pleasure to listen to. He has a real practical approach and viewpoint on being an effective IT Manager.”
Al Thodt; London, Ontario Canada

“Awesome content – nice and simple. I enjoyed being in Mike’s class; he has a great down to earth approach and keeps it real. Thanks for the tools that I can start using immediately.”
Theresa McCoomb; London, Ontario Canada

“Wish I had this course 10 years ago as a fresh IT Manager.”
Jim Pretty; London, Ontario Canada

“Content covered almost everything in IT and can be used in any industry. Excellent presentation with real examples that provided better understanding. The tools are simple and easy to use.”
Placid Mlenge; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

“These tools are very useful and will simplify the way I do things.”
John Cosmas; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

“The quality of course materials is simply excellent. IT management is not complete without these training materials. I recommend the IT Manager Institute for all IT Managers.”
Segun Abioye; Lagos, Nigeria

“Mike, this is the best training I’ve ever taken. Feels as though I know you for 10 years. This is a must for any IS Manager.”
Brian Greene; Johannesburg, South Africa

“WOW – how to simplify a tough job.”
Barry Heathers; London, Ontario Canada

“The tips and insights are usable right away; this is a first in my IT training. Congratulations to Mike on developing and delivering a life changing course for IT Managers. This is the first IT Manager training that will actually assist me in my career growth and add value to my organization.”
Moses Segaetsho; Johannesburg, South Africa

“Any new IT Manager must have this course.”
Khaled Ahmed Almoslih; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“This course validated some of the things that I have been doing and enlightened me with new ideas to try. Authentic and original from someone who’s done it for so long.”
Faisal Al Habsi; Muscat, Oman

“I will be able to strategize better, understand business value and the key role IT has to play. Enlightening course and eye opener for me having dotted all IT organization “i’s” and crossed all “t’s”.”
Olaoye Ogundipe; Lagos, Nigeria

“The most practical and useful course I have ever attended.”
Fahad Jabli; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Helps you learn essential IT manager skills without the pain of learning it the hard way.”
Scott Cameron; Atlanta, GA

“Thorough and easy to follow, kept the class engaged the entire time.”
David Dilday; Nashville, TN

“I advise all IT managers attend ITBMC training.”
Lamya Al Noman; Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

“The training provided me more than my expectations. It provides me practical tools which I can use immediately. It provides a real world straight forward IT Management process to follow.”
Reda Abdullah Mahgoub; Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

“Mike’s material is very practical for every level of IT Manager.”
Ian Mackay; London, Ontario Canada

“The practical approach employed for the design of the course contents makes the ITBMC training a perfect requirement/need of every IT managers and introducing managers. I strongly recommend the training accordingly.”
Henry Rowlands;  Abuja, Nigeria

“Brilliant session, Very good Content. I was able to relate the real life situations. Glad I came for this training.”
Mathew Alexander; Enoc, UAE

“Mike Sisco is ranked, in my book, one of the greatest teachers. He has made a huge impact in my thought process in reference to my IT career. The Institute content is thorough, precise, and aligned with ensuring your success. This course is the best course pertaining to IT that I’ve ever taken. I highly recommend it.”
Georgette Correa; Norcross, GA

“The content is very much a “must know” for IT managers who are hungry to succeed. Presentations are awesome.  The materials are excellent and I’m glad to have them.  This is a mini MBA for IT managers.”
Samuel Alabi; Lagos, Nigeria

“Frankly, the content is superior to that of the content provided in most of the much hyped courses offered by the premier institutions. The material provided is very practical and can be used as-it-is or with little tweaking. Had it not been offered by webinar, I wouldn’t have been able to attend.”
Sreenivasreddy Ronabathu; Gurgaon, India

“This was the most informative class and useful course I’ve ever taken.”
Wes Stover; Indianapolis, IN

“This class has helped me gain confidence in my ability and empowered me to be a manager.”
Connie Bain; Birmingham, AL

“Excellent material.  The Institute program is a must for all CIO and technology managers.”
Okoh Chukwuka; Lagos, Nigeria

“Lots of “Gold Nuggets” that I can put to use immediately.  Too often, IT Management Materials seem based on theory rather that practice.  The Institute is the opposite – nothing but tried – and true strategies from someone who has spent years in the trenches.  That kind of experience is invaluable.
William Polymenakos; Dundee, IL

“This should be a required course. My company got more than they bargained for.”
Rod Payton; Bethesda, MD

“Mike is one of those people I am really proud I have met!  I would recommend the Institute to everyone involved in managing IT.”
Matej Kurent; Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Best I have been to; this class has answered many of the questions I was struggling with.”
Luke Marino; Austin, TX

“The best organized material I have seen on the subject.  Perfect for CIO taking over new leadership roles.”
Sammy Cantrell; Nashville, TN

“Just what I was looking for.  Money well spent.  Excellent tools and looking forward to using them.  I’m feeling empowered with the knowledge gained and the tools provided to face most or all the challenges in my field.  I’ll definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”
Francisco Camacho; Tamuning, Guam

“A very useful course. It’s one of the best courses I have ever taken. I wish all IT managers could take it.”
Eisa Al Mansoori; Abu Dhabi, UAE

“Very Excellent program, all IT people should attend.”
Ibrahim Abdulla Ahmed; Sharjah, UAE

“The best Training for New IT Managers.”
Ashraf Atteya Abdou Atteya; Cairo, Egypt

“ITBMC training puts you on the right path through the integration of information, skills and tools to become a successful IT Manager.”
Safwan Sheik Sidi; Saudi Arabia

“Very useful training for IT Professionals who plan to be Managers. Mike provided practical tools and his experience which can lead to Success only. Thank You Mike.”
Emad Atieh Al Satari; Dubai, UAE

“It was a thorough course full of instructions, rich experience and to the point.”
Saad AlAmri; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“It was one of the best training I ever attended. I will start with the IT Assessment immediately”
Kholoud Al Madani; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“Tools I can utilize as soon as I get back to the office.  This is a must for any IT manager who wants to be successful.”
Emily Vaughn Henry; Nashville, TN

“We are expanding, so this course was what I needed. It will make a big change in my career.”
Mohammed Al Shehri; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“The Course content was very rich and presented in a simple and smooth way. The templates and course material were very helpful and have a great value.”
Hani Mohammad Abu Dagar; Kuwait

“Great, informative, and entertaining.  The days just flew by.  The course was exactly what the doctor ordered.”
Laura Lehr; Bonita Springs, FL

“I am already using principles and concepts learned in the Institute before I even get home.  I feel 100% more prepared for what I will face on Monday when I get to my office.  This was an immensely valuable experience for me.  I attended an MIT Sloan School of Management workshop on Developing an IT Strategy that was not nearly as valuable to me as this week has been.”
Dan Ussery; La Crescenta, CA

“The Institute does not only give you the tools to address issues, but also the approach to deal with them.”
Ratsela Mooketsi; Gabarone, Botswana

“The tools certainly will help me improve my IT management process and skills.”
Ahmed Hassan Yaqoot; Dubai – UAE

“I will be able to carry the knowledge gained from this class with me throughout the majority of my career.  IT professionals will benefit for years to come from Mike’s unique approach to solving common problems in today’s workplace.”
Fritzberger; Nashville, TN

—- A few comments from IT Manager Institute SELF STUDY Students —-

“The IT Manager Institute will help me with the practical suggestions, ready-to-use templates and down-to-earth advice that I can apply at a pace I am comfortable with that are all so real and yet often not sufficiently addressed. I strongly recommend the IT Manager Institute and hope to see the Advanced Class offered in Self Study format.”
Nigel Kim; Singapore

“I was very impressed with the detail of instruction and the obvious real-world experiences that are provided in the self-study.  I couldn’t get enough of the “Silver-Dollar Experiences”.  It is helpful, while studying a concept, to be able to see real examples along with the outcomes. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone interested in enhancing their ability to manage in an IT environment.”
Tony Hough; Columbia, SC

“Your course will provide a very good framework to work from when I get my shot as CIO.”
Cecil Greene; Peebles, OH

“I find it very useful. Especially the tools you provide with the program. I expect it will also improve my communication with Senior management.”
Valentin Dominko; Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Excellent, very thorough and informative. Lecturer is fantastic, he is able to deliver the entire course in a slow and comfortable pace. He even added value by sharing his personal thoughts and past experiences. Many thanks to Mike Sisco. You are my key mentor since Y2008, you have certainly brought out the best in me, both personally and career-wise.”
Harish Ravindram; Singapore

This is a small sample of the hundreds of positive testimonials received by IT Managers who have attended our IT Manager Institute. It has been just as rewarding for me to be able to meet so many great people around the world who are interested in achieving more success as IT Managers.

Be sure to take a look at our class photos.